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+254 741 769996 demandgenerationventures@gmail.com

Medtech Market Intelligence

To succeed in medtech, you need to have your finger on the pulse – but accurate, reliable information is not always easy to find. We can help you get what you need.

Accurate expert analysis for a fragmented market

Fast growth in the medical technology market is driven by innovation, demographic shifts, cost-efficient development and increased M&A activity. Success in this arena depends on your ability to bring cutting-edge solutions to the fore quickly, and having accurate intelligence is crucial for a sound development strategy. 

How we help

Our medtech market intelligence will keep you up-to-date with important events and help you anticipate future technology needs – so you can evaluate new market opportunities and make confident business decisions.

  • Find comprehensive and accurate information on devices/diagnostics that compete in your markets
  • Stay abreast of important current events in our space that will affect your business
  • Rapidly find information on opportunities or targets within the medtech arena
  • Stay up to date with new trends and innovation in order to evaluate opportunities as they arise